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The author visit Mr.Kump presented at our school was excellent. The teachers gave him a resounding thumbs up and were appreciative of his well planned and delivered presentation. It hit the points that they try to infuse in the classroom and was spot on for every age level of the school.

Mrs. Pang

Media Teacher

Mercury Mine Elementary, Phoenix, Arizona

Mr. Kump's program was excellent.  At Bethume, our main goal here is to encourage students to write more.  Mr. Kump's presentation revolved around and inspired our young writers to write and put their thoughts down.  He made a big difference with our students!

Thank you Mr. Kump!!!

Mena Bernal


Bethune K-8 School, San Diego, California

Mr. Kump gave two 30 minute presentations at our school.   He held the students (and staff’s) attention from the very beginning. Mr. Kump was entertaining and knowledgeable and I am sure the students learned a thing or two by the time it was over.  For those who have never had him visit their school, I recommend you do so.  You won’t be disappointed.  Thanks Mr. Kump for the big smiles and excited students you left us with.

Mitch Blunt

Media Specialist

Galveston Elementary, Chandler, Arizona

Thank you for your recent visit to our school Mr. Kump, it was a delight having you!  I received so many great reviews from teachers and students.  It was amazing to see how engaged you kept the students and how excited they've become about your books!  Having the teachers and students participate in your presentation was a fun surprise!
Elaine Cecil

Resource Center Specialist
Webster Elementary, Mesa, Arizona

Mr. Kump was fantastic! His presentation to our 2nd through 5th graders was inspiring and served as a great example to our students of the perseverance and hard word required to be a successful writer.
Joshua J. Jordan, M.Ed.

Imagine Bell Canyon, Imagine Schools, Southwest Group, Phoenix, Arizona

Our students really enjoyed the author visit from Mr. Kump.  His presentations were engaging and fun!  Our teachers enjoyed the program as well.  Many of them connected to what he talked about when he shared the writing process.  We look forward to his next visit and book!  The opportunity for our students to meet an author will be a memory we all will look back on fondly.    
Clara Wallace

​Lisa Mails Elementary, Murrieta, California

​Mr. Kump visited Imagine Avondale and presented a wonderful reading & writing program with our students. Our students were engaged with his fun and educational program.  He had students participate during the assembly and had them literally sitting on the edge of their seat. It was exciting to see our students hanging on every word he spoke. After the assembly, even days afterwards, students were raving about his positive program and wanting to check out his adventure books. It is amazing how students have been bugging each other to finish reading the books so that they could check it out. Our librarian had to start a wait list for checking out his books. This is why we like authors to come to our school to get students reading more.   

Kim Agnew


Imagine Avondale, Arizona 

Mr. Kump’s author visit to our school provided an opportunity for our students, and teachers, to actively engage in a presentation of his books; as well as embarking on a fun lesson to enjoy their future projects of creative writing.  He incorporated active participation, videos to enhance information that brought his stories to life and an intriguing introduction to his stories.  He captured the anticipation in the students to desire to read his books.  He also provided an educational presentation to encourage the students to develop better creative writing skills.  I received positive feedback from both students and teachers, following his presentation.
Lauri Johnson

Cheyenne Elementary, Peoria, Arizona

Mr. Kump visited Porter elementary and presented a fun and engaging program for our students.  It was wonderful having a published author speak to our students.  His program is very positive for young readers. 

Paula Warren


William S. Porter Elementary, Mesa, Arizona 

Great program for our students!  Our school really enjoyed Mr. Kump and his books.
Jeanine Peacock

Lake Panasoffkee, Florida  

Mr. Kump did a super job with his fun-filled author visit program.  The kids loved him and his books.  Any school that books him for a visit will enjoy his well thought out presentation.    
Terry Stinson

Altura Elementary, Alturas, Florida

Wonderful author visit for our school.  The kids really enjoyed the presentation and learned how to write a story.  
We look forward to Mr. Kump coming back in the future. 
Charlene West

Palmquest, Oceanside, California

Mr Kump  has an entertaining program.  It is full of insights on the writing process.  He provided helpful information on how to build a story from the opening to the end.  A very uplifting show he puts on!

Rosa Chana


Quentin Elem, Avondale, Arizona

Mr. Kump is an excellent storyteller who has wonderful books for youth.  He demonstrates the writing process perfectly of hot to write a story with his fun power point show.

Mrs. Flood


Litchfield Park Elementary, Litchfield Park, Arizona