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secret agent 44 -- who stole air force one?

  • 2nd-3rd graders
  • Action-Adventure, Mystery
  • Summary: An adventurous 6th grader's quest is to find Air Force One which has been stolen and nobody in Washington DC can find it.  
  • Theme: 'Follow Your Dreams'
  • Accelerated Reader Test is coming soon.


  • ​​4th-5th graders
  • ​Action-Adventure
  • Summary: Two boys stranded at sea are rescued by the military.  They discover a top-secret experiment on the ship that puts the program in jeopardy.  Will they be going home?
  • Theme: 'Nothing great happens without determination.'
  • Accelerated Reader Test Available--7 points.


 I understand the importance of having an engaging program.  I believe a quality presentation should be positive, educational, entertaining, and inspirational.  

Once an author visit is scheduled, a very important requirement is that the students learn about the books that I will be presenting, prior to my visit.  I ask media specialists to share my short chapter one videos of my books to the students who will be attending the author visit.  

This web site includes chapter one of each book with a narration for students to view.  The narrations have colorful illustrations, music, and sound effects.  Go to chapter one videos at the top of the page and open that link.  Each video plays separately.    

When I visit a school, I will be sharing my latest book, Secret Agent 44 along with PROJECT-00.


  • For grades 2nd-3rd

I have an order form that is sent home one week prior to the author visit.  Students who order a book will receive a signed copy which I bring with me on the day of the visit.  

If you have other questions regarding my author visit please e-mail me at


My program is a 30-minute colorful PowerPoint presentation.  

  • ​I prefer to give 1-2 presentations that will include all the students for grades 2-5.

  • In my presentation, I discuss my stories so the students get a better idea of my characters and the problems they encounter.  In my youth I struggled with reading books. Today, when I sit down and write a story I understand how important it is to grab the young readers attention and what it takes for them to stay with the story, page by page.  With that in mind, I write visually and move the characters along with action and suspense at a fast pace.  By telling stories this way, I have had great success with reluctant readers to become captivated with my stories.  

  • In my books I have strong positive themes for youth.  In the two books I present, the theme for Secret Agent 44 is 'Follow Your Dreams' and in PROJECT-00, 'Nothing Great Happens Without Determination.'  I talk about the themes in my program.   

  • The goal of my author visit is to get students excited about reading and writing!  

  • Another important element of my presentation is teaching students how to become a star writer.  I share solid structure of how to build a story from the opening to the end.  This section of my show gives students the basic steps to enable them to write a strong story and have success with their own creative writing talents.



Students have the opportunity to purchase any of the following items from my author visit:

Secret Agent 44 (autographed) - $10

PROJECT-00 (autographed) - $10

Star Writer bookmark - $3